The Lament Exotic Sword – Complete guide how to get it

The Lament is the latest edition to Destiny 2’s exotic weapon pool bringing many fun perks for players to enjoy. It is also the first exotic sword to hit Destiny since Black Talon which released with the Forsaken expansion in September 2018.

This solar-type sword has a ‘chainsaw-like’ chain running down its side which the player can charge up and unleash a devastating blow on anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

How to get The Lament

The complete guide is the video above, fully documented in the steps below. Watch or read (or both!) to see exactly how to get The Lament.

When you sign in to Destiny 2 you will get a pop-up saying the quest is now available.

Step 1

Speak to Banshee-44.

Step 2

Find three dead Exos on Europa.

Step 3

Find a giant Exo head using the waypoint marker on your map guiding you exactly to it.

After the world’s first team completed the raid it really opened up this entire area and it gives you the sense of how big this place really is. I think it is incredible, so much to explore, so much to see. One of the best locations in the game, not just in Europa!

Open your directory and head on back over to Charon’s Crossing.

Step 4

Complete an Exo challenge, visit Varix to get the quest. Note – If you have completed this quest before going after The Lament, don’t worry! The quest will always be available on your map which also contributes as an Exo challenge.

This exotic sword is one of the best questlines we’ve ever had in Destiny 2. Some of the things you get to do and see in this entire questline are absolutely phenomenal.

It introduces you to the new Exo facility as you’ve already seen and this Exo challenge takes you to an entirely new world which is very pyramid-related which is very significant in both Destiny’s story and lore.

In this new pyramid-related area you had to stand next to the fire to cool yourself down otherwise you can shiver from frostbite and if your modifier gets too high because of the frostbite you can die. So you want to make sure that you stand next to a fire!

Also, when you kill enemies in this challenge they drop motes that can cool you down as well, so a really fun mechanic.

Step 5

Defeat the boss at the end of the Exo challenge. Opening the chest will also reward the next quest step.

Step 6

Kill Vex with finishers. For those who are not so much familiar with what a finisher is, once you deplete an enemies health low enough, it can trigger a golden-like ball above their heads. This indicates to the player that an enemy is ready for a finisher takedown.

Again we are going to be do this in a lost sector, the same lost sector that you’ve seen throughout the video above. It is very useful to utilise lost sectors in regards to questlines like these. Being in an huge open world players will also be shooting enemies. Lost sectors put the player into their own instance which means you have all the enemies to yourself and all the time to take them out!

Step 7

After completing the lost sector the next quest step will require you fine blade pieces in The Glassway strike. This strike can be located on Europa’s map ready to launch. I was looking in every area to find various blade pieces but it turns out to be a drop in the final boss room as a singular item named “Lost Lament”. Once obtaining, head back to Banshee-44 who will continue the quest step.

Step 8

Locating the lost bunker! This bunker is a lost sector which can be found in Eventide Ruins. It’s also the only lost sector in that area which makes things even easier!

Complete this lost sector like you would any other lost sector and loot the chest at the end. Looting the chest will progress the quest.

Upon completion, head back outside the lost sector, exactly the same way you entered it. Just outside the door will be a flagpole with a quest attached to it named ‘Lost Lament’ asking you to interact with it. This puts you into a new quest requiring you to destroy vex with a tank.

This was a really fun quest to play. Running over vex with a tank that we have never seen before in Destiny really gives you that amazing of something fresh and new. Bungie really did a fantastic job with this one!

After running over some Vex, Clovis Bray (the giant Exo head we seen earlier) will ask you to reform the blade by interacting on a circular podium directly in front of him. Doing so will spawn a ton of vex for you to take care of whilst Clovis gets your new sword ready for you.

In no time your new exotic sword is really for you to claim. The quest asks you to take this newly acquired blade for a spin hacking and slashing all the vex in your area. It feels amazing!

Like in typical Destiny fashion there will be a boss for you to destroy at the end, but the power of The Lament takes care of that with ease. Once completed, head back to Banshee-44 to conclude your quest.

Thoughts and tips

The Lament completely changes how you plan your high level endgame activities. One of the most amazing things about this new exotic sword is that it completely takes down Anti-Barrier champions which are now gradually being added to raids. Anti-Barrier champions can be a pain to deal with, especially because it requires either you or someone else in your team to take off mods and equip new ones that are specifically there to deal with Anti-Barrier.

Not with The Lament. Not only can you charge up a chainsaw-like chain, causing your guardian to do a flip in the air, slamming down onto your enemies, but this attack also completely takes down Anti-Barrier. This is huge. High-level nightfall strikes are another great way to source out exotics in Destiny and they also include Anti-Barrier champions. If you or a member of your fireteam chooses to take The Lament into these endgame activities, no longer will you need to look for that Anti-Barrier mod to equip your guardian. The Lament takes care of that for you!

I am really excited to see the builds that await us in the future because of The Lament and I hope all you guardians out there have as much fun with it as I did!

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