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House of Devils facts

Prime ServitorSepiks Prime
Known BaronsEramis and Naksis
AlliesHouse of Kings, House of Winter, House of Wolves


You are a Destiny 2 player, which means you have been thoroughly introduced to the enemies of this world, and this certainly includes the Fallen. You know that Captains have shields, that Vandals can have wire sniper rifles, and that servitors can shield enemies. But do you know the history of this people?

Welcome to the new MGN Destiny series Enemies Explained where I strip away the hitboxes and reveal the greater story, characteristics and names behind the enemies you slay by the hundreds day in and day out. I’ve decided to start with Humanity’s most common foe, the alien race called the Eliksni but known to us as the Fallen.

If you Became Legend in Destiny 2, and not in Destiny 1, then you need to understand a key part of  Fallen society, the House hierarchy, and the event known as the Whirlwind.

The Eliksni/Fallen once were given a Golden Age by the Traveler similar to us, and similar to us they suffered their own version of the Collapse. This Collapse was called the Whirlwind, and the lore indicates that the Hive King Oryx was largely responsible for this.

This is where the Fallen get their name from, being a once great and powerful space faring civilization, scattered across the stars and reduced to ship stealers and scrapheap scavengers. 

However one of the few pieces of their culture that survived was their society’s class and hierarchy system which split all the Fallen into different Houses. 

During the Whirlwind, some Houses like House Stone were eradicated, and other Houses like House Scar were rumored to be later destroyed by the Fallen mercenary Taniks. The Houses that would establish themselves in our solar system and that would survive the longest were: The House of Kings, the House of Devils, the House of Wolves, the House of Winter, and the House of Exile. 

If you played Destiny 1, you would be able to identify a Fallen enemy’s House by the colours they wore. You can still do this in Destiny 2, but currently there are only two Houses that stand against Humanity: The House of Dusk (purple) and the House of Salvation (white).

Ok, now that this is out of the way, I can properly examine the first House of this series.

Origins and Identity of the House of Devils

As previously mentioned, the House of Devils was either already a House before the Fallen had their Collapse, or was formed by the survivors of this catastrophe. The House of Devils would find its home on Earth in the ruins of Humanity’s Golden Age.

The Fallen of this House wear red and similar to the other Houses adhered to the customs surrounding the Eliksni class system. This involved the Fallen being divided into several castes, which introduces the substance known as Ether.

House of Devils Vandal wearing the House’s red cloak.

Ether is the most important part of a Fallen’s diet. With a healthy amount of it they will grow to exponentially larger sizes, and without it they will shrink and die. The Fallen use the distribution of Ether as a way to split everyone into different classes.

A House of Devils Dreg

Dregs, at the bottom of the ladder get a meager ration of Ether, and so are the smallest combatants you will face. They also have their lower arms cut off, and docking caps placed on their stumps to prevent the limbs from growing back. In terms of weaponry the Shock Pistol is what they most commonly wield against us. The ration of Ether along with the act of humiliation ensures they are not a physical threat to their superiors and that they know their place as Dregs. 

Vandals are the next rank up and so have all four arms intact as well as a larger ration of Ether. Like I mentioned at the start they often wield Wire sniper rifles and can hang back during fights to pick off opponents from afar.

House of Devils Captain

The highest ranking Fallen you’ll commonly face are Captains. Captains have a greater Ether ration than Vandals, and often choose to use Arc enhanced swords in order to fight in close quarters combat.

Those are the common Fallen/Eliksni enemies you will face, and would have faced from the House of Devils. That being said the House of Devils hierarchy like the other Houses had ranks that ascended beyond the common foot soldier, although these were very rarely ever seen.

Fallen Archon

The Archon is the religious leader of a Fallen House. They are the ones who traditionally help distribute the Ether amongst the members of the House, and also are the ones who communicate with the House’s Prime Servitor, which is the main creator of Ether. There is usually only one per House, and for an Archon to be slain is a terrible loss for a House to suffer. Archons have the largest Ether rations second only to the Kell, and are seen as priests rather than warriors.

Draksis, Winter Kell

Finally there is the Kell, which is the leader of the House. The Kell takes as much Ether as they want, and are the sole rulers of all Fallen in their House. It is tradition that whoever kills the Kell of a House, without question is assumed the new rightful Kell.

Motivations of the House of Devils

You understand the history of the Fallen, and how the traditional House is structured. Like I said the House of Devils was situated on Earth and was a traditional House. Now it’s time to look at the House of Devil’s motivations.

The Fallen are notorious scavengers, and the House of Devils were no exception. They tore apart and looted the remains of Human Golden Age technology and tampered with and reverse engineered anything they could get their hands on.

In terms of motivations, there was a time when all but one of the Fallen Houses shared the same goal. The goal of reclaiming the Traveler. The Traveler was what gave the Eliksni their Golden Age, but abandoned them during their Collapse. The Traveler is the sole reason why they are in our system, and they believed that if they could take the Traveler from Humanity, that they could regain what had been lost so long ago. As a result of this belief, the Fallen became automatic enemies of Humanity, and consistently proved themselves to be a threat to the survival of the Last City. Twice the Fallen have tried to take the City, and the House of Devils were there for both times.

The first was the Battle of Six Fronts, which was the first coordinated attack the Fallen ever made against the City and its newly built walls. The attacking force marched behind the Kell Drifis the Daring, who rallied all who would follow him.

Whirlwind whisked us to whis war-weary world. We galloped the galaxy to grasp the Great Machine. It is not our fate to fail on this field!” – Drifis the Daring.

It took the combined strength of the four Titan Orders, Osiris and the Iron Lords to repel the Fallen. In the end, the Fallen were defeated, but not broken.

The Battle of Twilight Gap was nearly the end for the City. The House of Devils united with the House of Kings, and called to the House of Winter on Venus, and the House of Wolves in the far reaches of the Reef, and for the first time since the Whirlwind, the Eliksni put aside their differences and stood as one people. 

Thousands of Fallen, Guardians and normal people died. Despite many sacrifices, the Fallen successfully breached the defenses surrounding the City and got inside. It was only because of the disobedience of Lord Shaxx, that they were stopped. Regardless of his bravery, or the bravery of all who protected Humanity that day, the battle would have been lost if not for the Awoken who lived in the Reef. Seeing the House of Wolves depart for Earth, the Queen of the Awoken Mara Sov took up her fleet and ambushed the Wolf Armada, slaying the Kell of the House of Wolves and for a time ruling the House herself. If the House of Wolves had joined the other Fallen Houses, there would be no Humanity.

I am noble too, oh Lord of Wolves. Starlight was my mother; and my father was the dark.” -Queen Mara Sov

The Battle of Twilight Gap was the last time the Fallen would attack the City, but they were still not broken.

Fall of the House of Devils

The first pillar to be knocked out from under them was their Kell, Solkis the Kell of Devils. Solkis led the Devils in the Battle of Twilight Gap, and was later confronted by the hero Saint-14. Solkis nearly won the fight, but with the last of his strength the Titan headbutted the Kell, breaking his skull. The death of Solkis made Saint-14 the rightful ruler of the Fallen House, but the Titan would never sit on his new throne, but would instead disappear in search of another legend, Osiris.

The death of their Kell left the House of Devils leaderless, and the mantle was eventually passed to their Archon Riksis and the Prime Servitor Sepiks. Riksis led the House for many years until “The Guardian” or the player character killed him while in search for ship parts in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia. 

Sepiks Prime, Prime Servitor of the House of Devils

With the Archon dead, Sepiks Prime was next to be hunted down in the Devil’s Lair. Its death utterly crippled the House of Devils as their ability to create Ether was sorely diminished. From that moment on, the House of Devils would no longer be a significant threat to the Last City, until SIVA was found.

SIVA was nanite technology used by Humanity during the Golden Age to quickly replicate and create cities on colony worlds. After the Collapse it disappeared and was thought lost, until a rogue version of it was found by the House of Devils and unleashed upon the region known as the Plaguelands.

Aksis, Archon Prime of the Devil Splicers

The House of Devils from that point on became known as the Devil Splicers, as they spliced the technology into their body. They were led by the Archon Prime known as Aksis, who used SIVA to completely transform himself into a machine. His General was Vosik, the Archpriest.

The Devil Splicers would soon be defeated along with their leadership, and it was at that moment that the House of Devils ceased to exist. Hunter scouts reported finding Devil hideouts empty and deserted, with piles of House of Devils flags in burned heaps. The survivors of the House of Devils would either join the House of Exile, the House of Kings, or the newly formed House of Dusk. One ship stealer from this House however, would create her own House, and seek her people’s salvation in the darkest parts of our system.


That is from my rough memory a summary of the history of the House of Devils. If you’re interested in learning about the other Fallen Houses or enemy races in the world of Destiny, keep your eye on the Destiny 2 MGN Youtube Channel and this site for more blogs.

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