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Season of the Hunt

Continuing on from the release of Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion comes a new season that goes by the name of; Season of the Hunt. Xivu Arath has taken the limelight in this season, trying to build the ultimate Hive army by infecting other lifeforms in both the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. There are giant cryptoliths that have been scattered about and it is our job to track them down and defeat whatever is conjuring them.

The Crow

We can’t do this alone. Uldren Sov is back, only this time as a Guardian and goes by the new name; Crow. Upon heading to the moon to track down Osiris, we discover that his Ghost, Sagira is dead. This means that Osiris is vulnerable and we have to get to him quickly because without his Ghost, Osiris cannot be revived and will stay dead perminantly.

After shooting our way through hoards of Hive, we find Osiris being confronted by a Hive knight who has knocked Osiris down onto his back. With you and your ghost looking at what’s happening, the Hive knight raises it’s sword preparing to strike down until another sword gets struck through the back of the Hive knight out from it’s chest. The sword slides out, causing the Knight to drop and thus revealing the figure who just saved Osiris’ life. The Crow. His ghost transmats from behind him and it is at this moment that we learn he’s been resurrected as a Guardian.

The Spider

After the events that took place on the Moon, we later learn that the Crow is on a leash from Spider. Spider has learned of the recent events from Xivu Arath’s cryptoliths that have scattered all across his shore and calls upon you to help deal with this matter. He says he will reward you with anything in his lair if you succeed. Throughout the process, Crow is helping you track down all the cryptoliths whilst Osiris is helping you track down the Hive Celebrant.

Hive Celebrant

The Hive Celebrant is an ascendant hive knight that was tasked by Xivu Arath to plant the cryptoliths across the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. The knight is also the cause of Sagria’s death as she defends Osiris from its crippling blow of Xivu Arath, enough to let him escape safely. The only mission that this Celebrant has is to corrupt as much as it can to build an army of Wrathborn, mainly targeting Cabal and Fallen.


In the video above we continue Big C’s Destiny journey on becoming the strongest Guardian to ever live (never gonna happen) and with that he ventures with me on his first mission for Season of the Hunt. Throughout this video Big C learns all about the basics like what type of ammo resembles which guns, white being Kenetic, green being Energy, and purple being heavy. He also learns how to swap out his weapons and armour when ever he wants whilst also understanding how the gun-play works.

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