Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Mask of Bakris

What is Mask of Barkis?

This mask holds many secrets within Destiny’s lore. We know not of where this mask came from, however we know indeed it means trouble. The Mask of Bakris is an exotic helmet for the Hunter class which allows the player to do short bursts of teleports, similar to the Warlock blink ability. What makes this teleport so unique is that you have directional control over where you teleport too, setting up what could be a devastating blow to your foes, or a quick get-away in tight situations.


It’s lore reads as follows:

I cast off my carapace to be reborn, just like our glorious Riis“. – Atraks-1, Fallen Exo

“No! Leave her be! Praksis foresaw this. You will be silent!

Don’t listen to them, Atraks. Focus on my voice.

Do not turn away!

That body belongs to someone else. It wears a mask. Just a mask.

Take the mask off.

Reach down and touch it. Good. Now take it off.

Pull harder!

This imposter is clever. The mask is affixed. You must cut it free. Take this blade.

Do not hesitate. Do not poke! Chop it. Smash it!

Yes… good. More. More. Wet your hands in this impostor’s gore. Spread it about. Good!

There… you have it now. You have removed the mask…

Does that look like your body now? No. It is an empty thing.

I will take this mask and clean it. When others wear it, you will not see your face in it. You will know it is a mask.”

How to get

With the release of Destiny 2’s new 2020 fall expansion; Beyond Light, Bungie brought to us a new way to obtain exotics within the game. This is under the form of legendary lost sectors. These lost sectors is something we have already touched upon in quite some detail here on MGN. Check out our “How to solo a Legendary Lost Sector” guide.

In order to have a chance at obtaining such a powerful exotic, it requires you as the player to become powerful also. You can’t simply run into a sector with random guns and a low power level, you have to grind and work your way up to become stronger and with that, have stronger guns. Completing a legendary lost sector on your own is the only way at getting a chance of obtaining Beyond Light exotics which includes Mask of Bakris.

The build that I am using in the video above is the same build I used in the “How to solo a Legendary Lost Sector” guide. Sniper rifle as my primary, Seraph SMG as my secondary, and Anarchy as my heavy weapon. Anarchy is absolutely key as you can fire grenade shots from it that stick to enemies. If you are at a low power level, you can fire these shots of Anarchy and go hide in a safe spot as the grenades from Anarchy depletes your foe’s health for you.

Legendary lost sectors are on a daily rotation. What you see in my video above might not necessarily be the lost sector that is active right now. They rotate between two sectors on two locations which are Europa and the Cosmodrome and you have to make sure that the exotic armour piece is on the correct rotation also. You don’t want to spend time fighting your way through one of these tough challenges to then find the exotic reward is chest armour, especially if you’re trying to hunt down Mask of Barkis which is of course a head piece exotic.

For low-level players, you want to keep an eye out for 1250 legendary lost sectors that specify arm piece exotics as your potential rewards. There are two types of difficulty for legendary lost sectors which are 1250 and 1280. 1250 is the easiest to tackle.

Good luck on this vicious task, and let us know how you got on in the comments below.

Happy hunting, Guardians.

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