Destiny 2: The House of Winter Explained

Prime ServitorSimiks Prime
BaronsGrayliks and Grayris (Taken)
AlliesThe House of Devils, House of Kings, House of Wolves


You’re a Destiny player, which means you have been thoroughly introduced to the enemies of this world, and this certainly includes the Fallen. You know that Captains have shields, that Vandals can have wire sniper rifles, and that servitors can shield enemies. But do you know the history of this people?

Welcome to the new MGN Destiny series Enemies Explained where I strip away the hitboxes and reveal the greater story, characteristics and names behind the enemies you slay by the hundreds day in and day out. In this chapter I’ll be digging into the sparse information we have available about the Fallen House of Winter.

In the process of explaining the House of Devils in the first chapter, I included a lot of information that applies to most of the Houses, and the House of Winter was no exception. The origin of the Fallen applied to them, the class system involving the distribution of ether applied to them, and they used the same equipment as the other Houses. So with that in mind, I’ll be leaving the general details that apply to all the Houses in my first chapter/article, which you can find here:

Alright with that out of the way we can get started.

The Origins and Identity of the House of Winter

The House of WInter

The House of Winter came into our system after the Whirlwind, and picked Venus as its home. The Ishtar Academy proved to be of great interest to the House of Winter, and often they would send looting parties to try and scavenge Golden Age technology. They shared the planet with the Vex, and the two forces would occasionally clash when they trespassed into each other’s territory. The Fallen of the House of Winter wore a very light blue.

Draksis, Kell of House WInter

The House of Winter was a traditional House, and have only had one documented Kell before Skolas, that being Draksis. Draksis answered the call from Earth, and led the House of Winter in the battle of Twilight Gap. After their defeat there, the House of Winter would remain on Venus and occasionally hijack ships heading towards the City. Apart from that their focus remained on Venus and scavenging what they could from Golden Age facilities and the Vex. What should be noted though, is that Draksis was a notorious Guardian killer, and had an extremely high bounty placed on him by Cayde-6 himself. 

Although the House of Winter has had great interest in Archons, breaking Aksor from the Prison of Elders and Nixis later on, it is unknown what the identity of their Archon was, or if they even had one. As for their Prime Servitor, Simiks Prime, it is believed that it was destroyed long ago hindering the House’s ability to create Ether to a certain extent.

Aksor, an Archon freed from the Prison of Elders

In regards to the identity of the House of Winter, there isn’t much to tell. They came into the system after the Whirlwind, settled on Venus and took part in the battle of Twilight Gap. Anything else from that could be summarized in looting and the occasional harassment of Human ships. With that being said, the interesting side to the House of Winter, lies in its fate.

The Fate of the House of Winter

As mentioned before, the Kell of House Winter Draksis was a notorious Guardian killer with a hefty bounty, and he was eventually tracked down by “The Guardian.” The player character ventured into the House of Winter lair on Venus and battled their way onto Draksis’s personal Ketch. “The Guardian” cut through many Fallen and the Kell’s own guard before confronting Draksis in his throne room and killing him. At the time for Destiny 1 players this might not have seemed like much, but to anyone who understands the lore surrounding the Fallen hierarchy, or even you if you’ve only read my blogs or watched my videos, but you’d understand that no matter the species, whoever kills the Kell, becomes the Kell. So on that day, “The Guardian” became the Kell of the House of Winter. Now technically the player could have assumed full control over the House of Winter and done some pretty cool stuff. But reality is often disappointing, and “The Guardian” would abandon their new House to travel to Mars.

Skolas, Kell of Kells

With their Kell dead, the House of Winter was leaderless, and broken. They remained in shambles on Venus, until Skolas the Kell of the House of Wolves arrived and proclaimed himself to be the Kell of Kells. The House of Winter, desperate for leadership, joined the House of Wolves without hesitation, and would serve Skolas until his capture merely days later.

Nixis, Hunger of Oryx

Similar to the House of Wolves after that point, the Fallen of the House of Winter would split three ways. Some would join the House of Dusk, others would join the House of Salvation later on Europa, and some would join the Spider on the Tangled Shore. A small group would try to break the Archon Nixis out of the Prison of Elders during the Taken War, but Nixis would become Taken, making the endeavour a waste of time. After that event, the House of Winter official ceased to exist.


It’s short and sweet, but that really is the history of the House of Winter. They were a typical Fallen House, and the most boring if I’m sharing my own opinion. Still they were relevant to very important events in Destiny history, and so should be valued along with the other Fallen Houses.

If you want to know more about the world of Destiny, you know what I am. The gift that keeps on giving. Give me time and I’ll give ya lore. My name’s Ben, and it’s been a pleasure, take care.

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