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New Light

The New Light experience for Destiny 2 has had some really rough moments. Before Beyond Light launched, new players that joined into the Destiny 2 universe were very overwhelmed and almost intimidated by the amount of stuff there was to do. Other than a quick introduction which guides the player around the Tower (a social space), the game throws everything at you all at once and wasn’t structured at all.

Bungie knew that this had to be a priority focus as their game was scaring new players away, so with the release of Beyond Light, Bungie also introduced to us the New Light experience. Now players wont have tons of information, quests, campaign missions etc all in their face, instead the New Light experience introduces the player to Earth as a starter location.

A new character was also designed specifically for new light players named, Shaw Han who greets the player at the very start of your journey. Shaw Han acts as a mentor for you, showing you how to accept/complete missions, what different types of bounties do, how to equip/change weapons and armour.

Big C

The game does a really good job at gradually introducing everything to the player without the feeling of too much information coming at you all at once. That being said, there is always one fellow who can’t quite keep up like the rest of us! In my video above I am joined by Big C who is a fan favourite here at MGN. Big C completed the New Light experience and now takes on the first opening mission of Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion!

Because Big C is very new to Destiny so I took it upon myself to join him on his new adventure on becoming on Guardian. We were using Discord to communicate and I asked him to share his game for me so that I could see what he was doing and help him as much as I could. He made the choice of choosing Titan as his class and he is very eager to start shooting – which is great for Shadowkeep’s opening mission.

The opening mission brings you into the thick of battle on the Moon where Hive is attacking from every direction. It was our job to make sure that we eliminated the Hive as quickly as possible so that we could move forward and find out what was going on. This was heaven for Big C, as he was able to pull his trigger at any given time, causing some really funny moments to happen in the video

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