Destiny 2: The House of Exile Explained

Prime ServitorFrigoris and Lhoks (Taken)
Barons in LoreAnonymous Baroness who fought beside and was later slain by Cayde-6
AlliesHouse of Kings, House of Winter, House of Wolves


You’re a Destiny player, which means you have been thoroughly introduced to the enemies of this world, and this certainly includes the Fallen. You know that Captains have shields, that Vandals can have wire sniper rifles, and that servitors can shield enemies. But do you know the history of this people?

Welcome to the new MGN Destiny series Enemies Explained where I strip away the hitboxes and reveal the greater story, characteristics and names behind the enemies you slay by the hundreds day in and day out. In this chapter I’ll be digging into the sparse information we have available about the Fallen House of Exile.

In the process of explaining the House of Devils in the previous chapter, I included a lot of information that applies to most of the Houses, and the House of Exile was no exception. The origin of the Fallen applied to them, the class system involving the distribution of ether applied to them, and they used the same equipment as the other Houses. So with that in mind, I’ll be leaving the general details that apply to all the Houses in my first chapter/article, which you can find here:

Alright with that out of the way we can get started.

The Origins and Identity of the House of Exile

Fallen from the House of Exile

Apart from wearing green, the House of Exile had several unique traits that separated it from the other Houses. The House of Exile was generally despised or avoided by the other Houses, and for two very valid reasons. The first reason was the House’s location. The House of Exile was located on the Moon, which is probably one of the most hostile locations in our system. The core reason for that is the Hive.

Crota, god of the Hive

When I’m done explaining all the Fallen Houses, I might do the Hive next, but what I’ll say about them for now, is that the Hive entered our system during the Collapse under the Hive God Crota. I played through the Dark Below story yesterday, and Eris Morn states that Sardon the Fist of Crota claimed the Moon for his God, so it is very likely that during the Collapse, Sardon along with Crota and the rest of their faction of the Hive arrived on the Moon and slaughtered the Humans there, before cracking open the Moon and creating a necropolis of tunnels deep beneath Luna’s surface that stretched for miles.

The Hive have been there ever since, and will murder anything that disturbs them. It’s safe to say that if one of the largest army of Guardians couldn’t move the Hive, the Fallen certainly couldn’t. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why no one would want to live on the Moon, which raises the question as to why the House of Exile was situated there and brings us to our second reason.

As the name implies, the House of Exile was full of exiled Fallen. Almost every single Fallen on the Moon was there for having messed up for one reason or another. They were the rejects, the failures and the criminals of Fallen society, and so in order to survive they united for strength in numbers, and lived in a ridiculously dangerous location to deter anyone from attacking them.

Another unique trait that the House of Exile had as a result of its history, is that a much larger percentage of its population were Dregs when compared to the other Houses. This is again, for two reasons. The first reason is that the House of Exile struggled for resources, unable to scout beyond the Moon, and unable to travel far on the Moon without risking the retribution of the Hive. As a result of that Ether would have been very scarce, and that is assuming they had a Prime Servitor. The main reason the House of Exile has so many Dregs, is that there just wasn’t enough Ether to get enough Fallen to the Vandal “phase” in their physicality.

The second reason is that if most of the members of this House were failures or Fallen kicked out of their Houses, then they most likely would have been Dregs to begin with, or would have been reduced to Dregs by the time they reached the Moon. The amount of Dregs in the House of Exile was also a clear statement about the track record of the Fallen in that House.

The House of Exile was not at the battles of Six Fronts or Twilight Gap, and for the most part did not interact with the other Houses, although the House of Kings were a possible exception. Frigoris, an Exile Baron is killed by “The Guardian” while leading an expedition deep inside Hive territory. He wore Exile colours, yet when he was slain it was stated that his death would weaken the House of Kings’ grip on the Moon, implying that he may have been sent by that House. This would not be the first instance of the House of Kings secretly pulling the strings of other Houses. As I mentioned in my previous chapter, it was heavily rumoured in Destiny 1 that the House of Devils at some stage became a proxy for the House of Kings, and with the Frigoris incident a lot of credence is given to that theory. What purpose the House of Kings would have had for House Exile however, is unknown. 

Notable House of Exile Members and Associates

Hiraks, Scorn Baron

Although the House of Exile never accomplished any great feats, what they should be known for, is the origin of the Scorn Barons. All eight Scorn Barons from Destiny 2 Forsaken were originally House of Exile Fallen, and it was the harsh conditions of living on the Moon that ultimately led to them being reborn as dark creatures. A perfect example of this is Hiraks. Hiraks was a Dreg who either by accident or out of desperation fell into the Hellmouth. This should have been certain death for the Dreg, but when he finally emerged, it was with Hive at his back and the ability to create a Hive Throne World in the Ascendant Plane. By the way if you don’t know what those two terms are don’t worry as I will thoroughly cover them when I get to writing on the Hive.

Taniks the Scarred

Another noteworthy associate of the House of Exile was the Fallen Mercenary Taniks the Scarred. If there is anything you should know about Taniks apart from the fact that he seems to always defy death, it’s that he utterly despises the Fallen Hierarchy system. Taniks had his lower arms cut off by the Kell of his House, and in defiance he replaced them with robotic arms and killed his Kell with them. Taniks is an enemy of the system you could say, and this made him a perfect ally of the House of Exile. During the rebellion of the House of Wolves against the Reef, Taniks secured his Ketch on the Moon, and was welcomed in the territory of the House of Exile.

Taniks is not the only outsider to willingly go to the House of Exile. Skoriks was a member of the House of Wolves, but refused to serve Skolas when he returned from captivity. After killing a Wolf Archon, Skoriks escaped the House of Wolves and travelled to the Moon, where he planned on joining the House of Exile.

The Fate of the House of Exile

When you compare the House of Exile to the rest of the Fallen Houses, you could say they got off relatively easily. One could argue they had the happiest ending. In the end they were never wiped out by the Hive, as the Hive God Crota and his highest ranking warriors would be slain by “The Guardian” in their attempt to invade Earth. With the leadership of the Hive on the Moon slain, it took several years of chaos before the daughter of Crota, Hashladûn would eventually take charge. As a result of that the House of Exile would be able to live in relative safety on the barren rock. At the same time, most Guardian activity on the Moon was directed towards the Hive, so unless Greg the Dreg was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was very unlikely that a fist of havoc would come knocking on his door.

The House of Exile was not destroyed by the Hive, or the Guardians, yet they do not exist today, so what happened to them? While they were safe, the other Houses were utterly broken by Humanity, to the point where the identities of those Houses themselves were abandoned. From the ashes of the old Houses rose the House of Dusk, and the majority of the House of Exile merged with the House of Dusk. We know this because all of the Fallen on the Moon wear the purple of the House of Dusk, and there is no mention of an exiled faction of Fallen whatsoever. The days of Fallen fighting one another was over so it had seemed. Any Fallen who did not join the House of Dusk either later joined the House of Salvation, the House of Light, or the Spider on the Tangled Shore.


So that’s the House of Exile for you. The lowest of all the Fallen Houses, with the happiest ending.

If you want to know more about the House of Exile, or about the world of Destiny in general, you can learn more from my other videos and blogs as I spew out knowledge like the walking encyclopedia that I am.

Now go, kill some Fallen, and think about if anyone of them were once from the House of Exile.

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