Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Master Empire Hunt

Master Empire Hunt

A Master Empire Hunt is Beyond Light’s latest edition to a nightfall style encounter. Empire Hunts consist of hunting down Eramis’ front line which means they will have the power to control Stasis too! Just like a nightfall, you spawn in at the start of your encounter, instantly enemies are trying to gun you down as quickly as they can.

In my team were Max and Matthew. Two very experience Destiny players and because we were doing a Master level Empire Hunt, I was definitely looking for a team of two others that were high level. The master difficulty is the highest difficulty in the game right now, it also includes Champion enemies too which require specific perks and skills to take down.

The two Champion types in this encounter were Overload and Anti-Barrier, I had both perks on in order to counter this, as well as Max and Matthew having their necessary equipment to combat this also. This made Champions easier to deal with as they hit really hard with damage. Matthew was also using the new exotic sword, The Lament. The Lament, when charged up, can take out Anti-Barrier Champions without the use of any Anti-Barrier perks which is hugely convenient in tight spaces. If you don’t have

The Lament and want to know how to get it, check out our “How to get” blog post. Here you will find the most efficient, quickest guide on how to get this new exotic treat. Followed by some lore around the quest, hints, tips, and tricks.

Taking on such a high level activity brings it’s challenge. Enemies hit harder, damage is much higher and you cannot just run into the thick of battle expecting to do such high damage back. We found ourselves playing very safe for the most part in the Master Empire Hunt, especially against Wyverns and Champions.

Wyverns are a new type of Vex enemy, they’re big, they’re strong, and they like to dive at you! Wyverns are not something that you want to take on so lightly, as they have a vicious attack whereby they hover up into the sky, charge up their attack by bringing their legs forward, releasing claws, and then shooting directly towards you dealing high impact damage. This can kill you. And if it doesn’t kill you instantly, the knock back effect of this attack can send you flying backwards. If you hit a wall behind you, you’re instantly dead, or if you’re out in the open, this attack can launch you off the side of a cliffside with no way of getting back up causing you to fall to your inevitable doom.

Approach Wyverns very carefully. On their own they are tough, and in Master Empire Hunts, they are accompanied by Champions also! As you continue your fight through the Empire Hunt, you’re going to come across the main reason as to why you Guardians have taken on the challenge.


In my video, we were hunting Phylaks who’s lore dates way back the Battle of Twilight Gap. She was known for getting the final death of many Guardians who fought. During the time of when the House of Devils was active, Phylaks was also a part of that team until we shut it down in Destiny 1.

Phylaks sees us Guardians as easy prey. She is considered to be the highest order in-terms of combat and will show off her abilities at will, fighting anyone in her path.

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