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On the 16th of February 2021, Destiny 2’s reset kicked in, refreshing all pinnacle activities for players to work towards in order to increase their power level, however, this particular reset introduced something new which got players very excited. Data miners leaked new infomation a while back that we will be getting a new exotic scout rifle, but a new missions wasn’t leaked at all, and after jumping into Destiny the mission isn’t automatically given to the player either. You have to go out, find it, and here is how.

How to start the quest

This week’s current nightfall is The Arms Dealer strike which is where this quest is found. After loading into the strike, rather than taking the typical left to scan the computer system, head straight on and you’ll notice that a door (that is usually closed) is open. Proceed through the doorway and destroy all the turrets that are inside. Walking through another doorway will bring you over to a Cabal landing pad which you may recognise from Destiny 2’s Red War campaign.

The landing pad on the right has an open crate that you can walk into, there should be a waypoint marker indicating where to go. inside the crate is a scannable pad that will give you a quest to go back to the Tower and speak with Zavala. After speaking with Zavala, he explains to you that the Vanguard has received a distress signal and asks for you to investigate.

Your quest will update asking you to check out a lost signal coming from an abandoned Cabal ship not too far from the Tangled Shore. A new quest will pop up in the top right corner of the Tangled Shore’s directory ready for you to launch, this is how you start the quest


The Darkness has entered our solar system, made planets and moons disappear right before our very eyes leaving so many questions as to why, how, and where these planets have gone. Emporer Calus is no stranger to us Guardians, as he has called upon us throughout our time playing Destiny 2. When Destiny 2 first launched, the first raid we ever got our hands on was the Leviathan raid, which the Leviathan is the name of Calus’ planet-eating ship.

Three more raids after that, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, and Eater of Worlds, were also based on the Leviathan and were all run by Calus too. We also had an entire season named Season of Opulence which was heavily involved with Calus, further pushing his role in the Destiny universe.

As we learn more and more about the Emperor, we also come to learn that Calus was cast aside and placed onto the Leviathan in which the Cabal that is against him, sabotaged the engines, setting him on a drifting course. After years of drifting the Leviathan suddenly comes to a stop after what Calus describes as ‘hitting the edge of the universe’, the Leviathan simply couldn’t push any further.

Calus claims that when he reached the edge of the universe, he found something, then claims to have found ‘nothing’. Calus further claims that only he could understand what he witnessed, he goes on to say, “It was a thing greater than myself. And if such a thing exists, then I, too, can become more”.

I believe that this in reference to the Winnower and if you wish to understand why I have come to that speculation, please check out this article written by Ben Duffield –

At the start of this lore discussion, I mentioned that the Darkness has entered our solar system and made planets disappear without explanation, this word got out to Calus who has been searching for the Darkness ever since his last encounter. However, Calus is nowhere to be seen ever since the Pyramid ships arrived.

During the time that the Pyramids were invading our sol, a Cabal ship named “Glykon” went missing near the Reef which is where the Tangled Shore is located. The Presage mission opens up with your Guardian flying towards a derelict Cabal ship which matches the description of the Glykon. It is here where our distress signal is coming from.

The Glykon belonged to Calus, which was used to experiment on Scorn using Darkness energy. Calus wished to use Scorn as a way of manipulating their minds with Darkness energy in order for the Darkness to communicate though. That is until, things go horribly wrong which this mission so greatly presents to us when playing through it.

The Darkness is getting closer and closer with each passing week, grab your best gun, upgrade your best armour, and prepare for the biggest, catastrophic event of your life. Light or Dark, which will you choose, Guardian?

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