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The Harbinger

Upon Destiny 2’s reset on 19th January, fans of the franchise were greeted with an unexpected secret mission on the Tangled Shore. Visiting Crow who is located in Spiders layer, players will be able to accept the new quest, “Birds of Prey”. This is a new exotic mission which upon completion earns players a new exotic ship which has been left inactive on the EDX for quite some time now.

As of writing this article, there is no player in the game right now that has access to this new exotic ship because the only way to progress the mission in order to complete it is to collect feathers. Feathers can be located in hidden areas within the Harbinger mission however there are only a limited amount you can find. Right now obtaining all the feathers will only progress players to 44%, you will have to wait for Tuesdays reset to jump back in and find them again.

This type of mission isn’t anything new for Bungie and a lot of players consider this as ‘spacing content’ so that it lasts longer. Statistically it should take around three weeks for this mission to be properly completed in terms of getting your feather percentage to 100%.

Some of these feathers are quite tricky to find and often players find themselves accidentally running past a few, which is why I have made a video showing you exactly where every single feather is located. In case you haven’t got time to watch the video, I have everything written out below for you to scroll through at your own leisurely pace!

Feather 1

First Feather

After walking into your first encounter, you’re going to be greeted by quite a few high level enemies on your left. Clearing them first is what you will need to do before proceeding, doing so will open up the area you will need to be to get your first feather.

Once all the enemies are gone, there will be a catwalk just above you with a door that is being blocked by a taken blight, shoot that to get rid of it and continue forward.

On the right after entering the doorway you will be see this cage-like structure as previewed in my screenshot. Inside there on top of a fan unit will be your first golden feather!

Feather 2

Second Feather

Just like the first, you will need to clear the second wave of enemies in the main room which will allow you to progress into the next area. This area I like to call ‘blue room’ for obvious reasons, it’s easier to label areas with names due to there being so many places to remember.

After shooting down the taken blight that’s blocking your path, follow your way through the short tunnel which will lead you to a giant room area. Clear the enemies that are inside it and head to the catwalk that is directly in the middle of the room

The screenshot to the right previews myself in the center of the catwalk, this is where your feather will be. The reason why nothing is showing for me is because I have previously collected this feather for this week.

Feather 3

Third Feather

This feather is really easy to find, and again the reason why it is not in my reference screenshot is because I have already obtained this feather. After leaving blue room, you will see another Taken blight blocking a door on a catwalk below, but in front of you.

Take out the blight and follow the hallway that leads you up to a giant circular room that goes upwards. Climbing to the very top if this room will bring you to a wooden crate (the same crate in my screenshot) where you will find the third feather.

Feather 4

Fourth Feather

The fourth feather is quite so way after your first encounter location. Fully complete the first encounter, including the Lake of Shadows boss room. Doing so will bring you to an ascendant portal when upon walking through it will transmat you to a location you should be familiar with.

This location is the exact same location you were in when obtaining Hawkmoon for the first time in Destiny 2. This area is really big and there are two feathers to grab here, but don’t worry, just like the others they are easy to find.

You don’t need to spend your time looking around, complete the area and head straight towards the end, just before entering the boss room. There will be a large lit up area with a really obscure tree, bent up in all weird places. This is deliberate so that players are more likely to see the feather which is located right next to it.

Feather 5

Fifth Feather

Directly outside the boss room, you will be greeted by a small group of enemies, one of which being a Taken Hobgoblin (sniper). This enemy will be shooting at you on a rocky ledge just off from the boss room entrance.

Killing the Taken Hobgoblin and following the rocky ledge around a small corner will bring you to your fifth and final feather!

If you are completing this for the first time then do not pick up the final feather and just leave, head into the boss room and complete the mission. The reason why this is important is because completing this activity will reward you with more feathers and two additional Hawkoon exotic hand canons!

Hawkmoon is the only exotic gun in the entire game to drop with random perks, which makes this the only farmable exotic gun in the game too. Both the Hawkmoon rewards and the feathers reset every Tuesday, giving players the chance to jump in and try to get the best Hawkmoon role there is.

Happy farming, Guardians!

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