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You’re a Destiny player, which means you have been thoroughly introduced to the enemies of this world, and this certainly includes the Fallen. You know that Captains have shields, that Vandals can have wire sniper rifles, and that servitors can shield enemies. But do you know the history of this people?

Welcome to the new MGN Destiny series Enemies Explained where I strip away the hitboxes and reveal the greater story, characteristics and names behind the enemies you slay by the hundreds day in and day out. In this chapter I’ll be digging into the  information we have available about the Scorn.

For the first time I’ll be discussing a completely non traditional Fallen faction. Every aspect of their biology, society and characteristics are unique, so this should be good!

The Origin and Identity of the Scorn

The Origin of the Scorn came with the rebirth of Fikrul, an outcast Fallen Archon. Fikrul and the Fallen that were with him had been ambushed by a team of Guardians who were specifically stated to have been “farming” Fallen. His dying body was found by the Awoken Prince Uldren, and after the prince unwittingly used the power of the Ahamkara Riven, Fikrul would be healed. In healing Fikrul, Uldren would create a corrupted form of Ether known as “Dark Ether.” Fikrul, now known as the Fanatic would use this Dark Ether to raise Fallen from the dead, and so it was that the Scorn were born.

Fikrul, the Fanatic

Uldren would take the Fanatic and the Scorn to Mars, where he would betray and destroy the House of Kings. The Fanatic would personally cut off the two lower arms of the Kell of the House of Kings, Craask. The dead of the House of Kings would be reborn as Scorn and would give Uldren an army. The fall of the House of Kings would see the death of the final tradition Fallen House, and would also begin the decline of the House of Dusk. 

Uldren would use his Scorn army to search for his sister, the Queen of the Awoken Mara Sov, who he believed survived the disaster that was the battle in the rings of Saturn against Oryx’s Dreadnaught. Uldren would wreak havoc across the system with the Scorn until the Awoken with the help of the Cayde-6 would capture Uldren and the Scorn, imprisoning them in the Prison of Elders. They would remain there until the warden of the prison, Variks would release all captives of the prison in order to escape to Europa. This action would see the release of Uldren and the Scorn along with the death of Cayde-6 at Uldren’s hands. The Scorn would slaughter hundreds of Awoken, before settling on the nearby Tangled Shore for a time.

Before I continue on with the history of the Scorn, I want to briefly examine their physical characteristics along with their leadership. Appearance wise the Scorn are grey and decayed, a reminder that their bodies are dead and unnaturally moving. The Dark Ether that sustains them also twists their flesh. This can especially be seen in the unnatural size of the Abominations, and the shrivelled forms of the Screebs. In terms of the Scorn hierarchy I know for a fact that it operates differently to the normal Fallen. In life, Fikrul was made an outcast specifically because of his disdain for the system, so I don’t believe the Scorn are raised or lowered depending on their status. However there are many different variations of Scorn, and so apart from the Abominations or Screebs, which are extreme variants, I’d say the others are simply whatever size they happened to be at death. So a Scorn would be roughly the size of a Dreg if he died as one for example. The variations of Scorn enemies are as follows.

Scorn Chieftain

The Chieftain is the highest ranking Scorn beneath the Scorn Barons. They are the equivalent of Fallen Captains except they have the ability to throw down three different types of totems. Solar totems act as a flamethrower, Arc totems tether and draw nearby enemies in, and Void totems shield allies. Chieftains can have different types of shields, but are mostly seen using Arc shields, similar to Captains.

Abominations serve a similar role as Hive Ogres. They are large brutes that launch Arc energy from their hands. They will also slam the ground if an enemy gets too close.

Raiders are similar to Fallen Vandals, as they can fight at close and long ranges. Combatants that fight at close range will use rifles that fire ricocheting sawblades, and longer range Raiders will use void sniper rifles. A Raider can dissolve into a mist of Dark Ether in order to move to a safer location. They cannot be targeted in this state and can only be followed. 

Wraiths are larger than most of the other Scorn variants, and are a strictly melee unit. They will wield two torches and rush towards their target, often relying on strength in numbers.

Scorn Wraith

There are the Stalkers, who are resurrected Dregs. They wield Arc pistols and are the most common Scorn enemy.

The Lurker is a subclass of the Stalker, they will have a Solar pistol, along with a round metal shield that will block any attacks.

The Ravager is a weaker unit that carries a flaming Sensor that it swings around to create a fiery explosion on the ground it strikes. This weapon is also the unit’s weakness, as shooting it will cause it to explode in the Ravager’s hands. 

Finally there are the Screebs, which are the smallest units of the Scorn army. They have shriveled bodies and crawl on all fours. They have large ulcers protruding from their abdomens that are filled with Dark Ether, and these will explode when the Screeb is in close proximity to their enemies.

Above these variants of the Scorn are the Barons, who are second in command to Fikrul the Fanatic. These characters would be hunted down by “The Guardian” during the Forsaken campaign. These are the Scorn Barons.

Elykris, the Machinist

Elykris, the Machinist carries the most authority besides the Fanatic, and is extremely skilled when it comes to technology. She scavenged technology from multiple races, including the Awoken and used them in to increase the potency of her arsenal. She wields a Scorch Cannon, along with a back mounted rocket launcher.

Hiraks, the Mindbender was a Dreg of the House of Exile on the Moon. Whether out of desperation or by accident, Hiraks fell into the Hellmouth. Instead of dying, he returned with an army of Hive at his back. Hiraks uses technology to control the Hive, his connection to them is more than artificial. Once on the Tangled Shore, Hiraks would find a crashed Hive ship and would make the Hive Wizard In Anânh his consort, and together they would create a new brood of Hive on the Tangled Shore. Hiraks would learn to create a throne world, which in its most basic form is a pocket dimension. A being who has a throne world cannot be properly killed unless it is within their throne world, and so the player character was forced to enter the Mindbender’s realm in order to properly defeat him. Later a team of Guardians would be sent to end his mate and destroy the brood.

Araskes the Trickster was most known for her traps and sabotages. During her time on the Tangled Shore she successfully began the production of explosive Exotic engrams, items which would have been most effective if they had found their way to the Tower. She also looted the treasure room of the Prison of Elders, and sabotaged the chest with an energy shield that would trap anyone who opened the chest. When she was confronted she littered her trail with tampered heavy ammo that would explode if picked up.

Hiraks, the Mindbender

Reksis Vahn, the Hangman was an executioner and as a Scorn he continued to act on his hatred towards Servitors. He captured and destroyed as many as he could, and on the Tangled Shore many caged and destroyed Servitors could be found. Vahn used a flaming cauldron as a weapon, which acted similarly to the Sensors that the Ravagers would use. A fun fact about him is that he is responsible for destroying the last of the House of Wolves’s Servitors, meaning they can never return in their traditional form.

Kaniks the Mad Bomber was simply put insane, and would lure his enemies into traps and mislead them with lies. He was a demolitions expert, and Scorn Grenades were his primary weapons of choice.

Pirrha, the Rifleman was an elite marksman, and was the one responsible for the death of Cayde-6’s Ghost Sundance. Pirrha used hologram technology which allowed him to appear as though he was in multiple locations at once. It is rumored that he used a bullet from a weapon of sorrow for Cayde’s Ghost, although that is but a rumor.

Finally there was Yaviks, the Rider. She was the leader of a crew of Pike Riders, and was only defeated after Cayde-6 outmaneuvered her on his Sparrow. She swore revenge on him ever since that day. Yaviks desired anarchy, and sought to bring it from the Tangled Shore to the rest of Fallen society.

The Current State of the Scorn

By the end of the Forsaken campaign, the Scorn Barons had been slain, along with Uldren Sov at the hands of Petra Venj. At the same time, the Dreaming City had been discovered, and so what was left of the Scorn attempted to invade it. They were met with heavy resistance from the Awoken, and after Riven unleashed her curse on the Dreaming City they fought against the Taken as well. The Scorn in the Dreaming City are trapped within the curse. This means that every three weeks, the exact same events will occur for them. They are not aware of this reset, and so unknowingly do the same thing every day for three weeks. As a result of the curse, they cannot be fully killed either. There are still plenty of Scorn on the Tangled Shore, as the Fanatic seems impossible to truly kill, and resides there. The Scorn have been crippled for now, but as long as there are Fallen, there is the possibility for more Scorn to be made.

That is everything that you need to know about the Scorn and then some! If you want to know more about the other Fallen factions or Houses, be sure to check out the other videos/articles I’ve made on the Destiny 2 MGN Youtube channel and website. If there are questions you have, about anything in the Destiny universe, please ask in a comment, and I will answer you! Until the next time my friends, take care!


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