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We have already talked about Master Empire Hunts (MEH) before, click here to find out all about them! Master Empire Hunts are set to the maximum level which is 1280 making it an extremely tough activity to complete. In my video, I brought with me Max and Lucas who are both, like me, at a high level. This is hugely recommended because the only way you can achieve the “flawless” triumph from MEH is without dying at all.


Kinetic – No Time to Explain

No Time to Explain

This exotic pulse rifle is an exclusive offer when pre-purchasing Beyond Light before it’s release. If you were able to pre-order, this weapon is acquired upon completing the Beyond Light campaign. Pay a visit to the Stranger and she will award you with this auto-firing beast.

What makes No Time to Explain a deadly weapon, and why I chose to use it in my arsenal is because you do not have to reload this weapon every time you land precision damage. One of the perks that come with No Time is called ‘Rewind Again’ which allows precision damage hits to return back to the magazine.

I knew that I was going to be up against some tough foes with larger critical boxes, meaning it is easier to land those precision shots. This meant that I could hold down the trigger and continue to shoot as many bullets as I want without reloading.

The second perk is called ‘Time-Slip’. If you are able to land precision shots, it builds up a multiplier on the left side of your screen starting at x1 all the way up to x10. Getting to the maximum multiplier summons a small portal to appear next to the barrel of the gun. This little portal will lock on to your target and start firing rounds of bullets with you, doubling your firepower thus dealing more overall damage.

Combining all of these elements listed above makes No Time to Explain the ultimate tool for higher-level activities. For players who were unable to pre-purchase Beyond Light, fear not! No Time to Explain will eventually become available to all players as the seasons’ progress.

Energy – Seven Seraph VY-7

Seven Seraph VY-7

We have talked about this SMG a lot in our guides here at MGN so I wont delve too deep into this one. The role that I have on mine is Fourth Time’s the Charm which allows two rounds to return back to the magazine every time I land precision shots. It also has dragonfly which upon precision final blows, creates an elemental explosion.

The element of which explodes depends on what element type your gun is and in this case, the Seven Seraph VY-7 is arc. This gun also has the chance to spawn Warmind cells when killing large amounts of enemies. If you have the Global Reach mod equipped to your Guardian, shooting Warmind cells will create an area of effect explosion, dealing high amounts of damage to all enemies within a large proximity

Because we are in a 1280 Master Empire Hunt there are going to be Champions, particularly Anti-Barrier Champions. The Artefact from this current season gives players the mod “Anti-Barrier SMG” meaning that all SMG’s that you use will have the ability to take down Anti-Barrier shields that Champions will place over them when they’re taking a lot of damage. When you see that shield, shoot it with your SMG to take the shield down and stun the Champion in place.

Heavy – Tomorrow’s Answer

Tomorrow’s Answer

Did someone say, “rocket launcher”? This beast of a weapon is the rocket launcher from Trials of Osiris. I understand that not all players have the facility to play Trials, so a healthy alternative would be Avalanch which is a heavy machine gun from this passing Dawning Event. If you don’t have Avalanch, then the Falling Guillotine sword is also a viable option, just be careful when getting up close.

The reason why I chose Tomorrow’s Answer is because of its high blast radius, its reloads speed from the Underdog perk I have on it, as well as the Cluster Bomb perk. Cluster Bomb creates…well…you guessed it, cluster bombs which shower down around your foes after your rocket has exploded! Having underdog allowed me to fire my rocket and reload quick enough to fire a second round without taking too much damage before having to take cover again.


Overall I love setting myself a challenge, and with Master Empire Hunts being the highest level activity in the game, I thought it was only right to complete it flawlessly without dying. Me and my team were able to successfully do this twice, making it double the accomplishment for us and we enjoyed the challenge this had to offer.

Because of the level, enemies were coming in thick and fast, damage was high and there were some really tough positions that we found ourselves in which required us to think quickly in order to survive. I love this type of gameplay and highly encourage any Guardians out there who are strong enough to give this a go.

I appreciate your time, I hope everyone is safe out there. I’ll see you star side, Guardians.

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