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What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is the latest edition to Destiny 2’s dungeon pool. You can have up to three players with you when taking on a dungeon as they are typically more challenging with higher level enemies coming at you followed by a pretty tough boss at the end. Throughout dungeons you can come across many secrets like hidden areas and chests which has a low rate chance of rewarding you with dungeon specific gear.

Every dungeon has a story and Prophecy is no exception to that. The Darkness are coming with the intention of finishing what they started way back during the Golden Age days and with the Traveller weaker than ever before, our unknown foes are not slowing down. With the knowledge around the Darkness being so very little, we are taking the opportunity to find out as much as we possibly can. And that is where Prophecy comes into play.

The Nine are also very unknown in our universe, but not a threat. The Nine are said to live in our planets very core within the solar system. They hear all. They see all. The Emissary speaks on behalf of the Nine making it easier for us to communicate with them. Though mysterious, they do like to make themselves present when they can.

The Prophecy dungeon is all about understanding the difference between the Light and the Dark. Both being very similar but also extremely different at the same time. The Nine explain to us that if we can prove ourselves worthy by completing each dungeon encounter, that they will give us some information about the Darkness that could prove useful. With our lust for knowledge around the Darkness, we accept the challenge and head into the Prophecy dungeon.


Mechanically this dungeon is very simple, however, what makes this dungeon a challenge is it’s volume of high level enemies combined with such high damage per second (DPS). If you have ever played Gambit, then you will understand how motes work. In Gambit, every time you kill and enemy, they drop a mote onto the ground for you, as the player, to pick and collect these motes up in order to deposit them at the bank.

The same applies here in Prophecy whereby you kill enemies to collect motes although rather than banking them, we have to take them over to beams of light that are coming from the ground. Light representing light motes and Dark representing Dark motes. I newly added mechanic with obtaining these motes does get introduce to Prophcey which is making sure that you are stood in either a light or dark area. Depending on where you are stood, depends on what motes pop out of enemies upon killing them.

Once you have all the motes you need and have deposited them in their respected places, this then allows you to progress to the next encounter. This mechanic is represented throughout the entire dungeon, mixing things up a bit with rotating rooms, lighting changes making it harder to stand in light or dark areas, high level enemies including a boss at the end of every encounter. The final encounter is your main boss, therefore larger health and more dps.

Closing Thoughts

Personally I think that the Prophecy dungeon is the best dungeon in the game and it’s also my favourite dungeon. I have always had a soft spot for the Nine, the lore behind them and the significance of what they mean for the Destiny universe, especially way back during the early days of Trials of the Nine.

What makes this dungeon even more appealing to both me and many other players our there is that Prophecy not only introduces new armour, but brings back old armour from Trials of the Nine. This ticks a huge green box for me as that armour is my most favourite armour in the game, and I refuse to ever take it off!

Who knows when Bungie decides to introduce to us a new dungeon, my hopes is that it is Darkness themed as the new fall expansion, Beyond Light, didn’t give players a new dungeon at all yet this expansion is heavily focussed around the Darkness. I hope prophecy doesn’t leave us anytime soon, and I hope everyone continues having a fun time entering it

Good luck, Guardians.

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