How to solo – Legendary Lost Sector below 1250 power

What are Lost Sectors?

Lost sectors are hidden places around the map that players can go out and find. There are hidden lost sectors spread all across each destination that Destiny has to offer so make sure to check every nook and cranny! Inside these mini hidden fortresses is a wide range of enemies for you to come face to face with, ending with a boss for you to fight. Killing the boss at the end of a lost sector allows the player to loot the chest that awaits them at the end. Go out there guardian, and chase down those rewards!

Legendary Lost Sectors

November 10th, 2020 was the release for Destiny 2’s next big expansion; Beyond Light, and with it came many new surprises for players to delve deep into, one of these surprises being Legendary lost sectors. Legendary lost sectors are much harder, raising the bar for players who are willing to accept the challenge. But what makes these legendary lost sectors so encouraging to test your skill? Exotics!

Like every major expansion that Destiny 2 has had over the years, new and exciting exotics definitely take the limelight. The way in which you obtain these new golden items in Beyond Light has definitely changed if compared to previous expansions and that is what makes legendary lost sectors so important to players. It is literally the only way you can obtain the new Beyond Light exotics.

Legendary lost sectors are not your typical lost sector whereby you run in, gun everything down, and hope you get a good reward from your loot chest at the end of it. Oh no, no, no. Legendary lost sectors are launched like quests, from a flagpole which you can find directly outside the lost sector itself. Legendary lost sectors change their locations daily at every reset, so the legendary lost sector that you started yesterday wont be the same one that you start again today.

Due to Legendary lost sectors rewarding you the potential chance of an exotic, they are not easy to complete and definitely presents it’s challenge to you right away. These sectors have champions in them that both have Anti-Barrier and Overload. This means you will have to prep your loadout on your guardian with the most efficient mods equipped in order to stand a chance against these enemies. You also have lives too! Yes, you heard me, a lost sector that has lives. Three strikes and you’re out! However, every time you kill a champion you gain an extra life. You start out with three, if you kill a champion, you’ve now got four.

These enemies are strong. Us guardians have been so use to mowing down every foe in our path. Not anymore. These guys will one or two-shot you if you make the wrong move. And to add insult to injury, you have to complete the legendary lost sector in fifteen minutes. If you exceed this time, you lose your chance of an exotic drop. Oh, and your equipment is locked too! So don’t think you can head on in there and change your stuff at any given time. (I’ve tried)

The recommended power level for a legendary lost sector is 1250 and 1280. The higher the level, the higher your chances of getting your exotic reward. The max level in Destiny 2 right now without the increased power of your artifact is 1250, however, what if I told you that you could do it right now, below the 1250 recommended level way, way below 1250. What if I told you, that despite all the toughness that these sectors bring you, that you could easily get through it? Well, that’s why we are here today to show and explain to you exactly how that’s possible.

How to complete a Legendary Lost Sector at low level

Completing a legendary lost sector solo is definitely a challenge and requires many variables to be checked off before you can head on in. So let’s start with weapons!

The first weapon in our kinetic slot is the famous trials sniper rifle: Eye of Sol.

Not everyone has the benefit of playing Trials of Osiris to obtain this weapon, so any sniper rifle will do. If you have Revoker then that would be a great alternative due to every shot you fire that misses returns itself to the magazine.

The most common sniper rifle that would also be a great alternative is Long Shadow. There are some Fallen enemies that we will need to take out in the distance and snipers tick the box for that!

In our energy slot we have none other than the Seventh Seraph VY-7. This legendary beauty has so much going for it. My role came with dragon fly which for those who don’t know, causes an AOE explosion with every precision kill. This is great for ads that are all bunched up together.

This gun also has the ability to spawn Warmind Cells which is without a doubt one of the most amazing things. Warmind Cells are giant orange balls that burst out of enemies every time you kill three+ enemies. Shooting these Warmind Cells causes a massive explosion, killing foes that are not even near you. Crazy, I know.

Finally, we have quite literally one of the most strongest PvE exotics in all of Destiny 2. Anarchy. Anarchy is an arc type grenade launcher that when fired at anything, links together a long arc chain between all of its shots. These shots also cause arc explosions when attached to an enemy. Sticking these onto any boss’ HP means you can just sit back and let the damage happen on its own. You don’t get many shots so we want to conserve its ammo as much as possible.

The subclass that we are going to be using is Stasis. Stasis makes it easy to freeze enemies in place, making it impossible for anything to dodge out of your grenade throw. The grenade to use is Stasis Field. Stasis Field causes a dome of Stasis energy to cover any enemy that walks into it. We will also be using this grenade to disrupt champions which I will talk more about as we move into the mods!

Now that we have weapons said and done, let’s move onto mods! Mods are very important when it comes to any high-level activity in Destiny 2, legendary lost sectors included. Mods make your experience much barrable so you definitely want to make sure you have the correct mods equipped that best suit your loadout. Here I will show you the mods that I used.

Global Reach

This mod is going to be a life saver for you. Our Seventh Seraph SMG that we have on has the chance to spawn Warmind Cells. Shooting these cells create an explosion – Global Reach makes that explosion even bigger. Much bigger. If you are surrounded by enemies and you see a Warmind Cell on the floor. Shoot it as quick as you can, the power of Global Reach might just clear the area for you.

Warmind’s Protection

Warmind’s Protection is great when it comes to how much damage you take from enemies. If a Warmind Cell is near by, you take less damage because of Warmind’s Protection.

Are you seeing the pattern? 🙂

Power of Rasputin

Just in case you need to do that extra damage, Power of Rasputin has your back! With this mod, enemies that are near Warmind Cells take 10% extra damage. This 10% can also stack with other debuffs like Divinity, Weapons of Light and Tethers.

Thermal Overload and Surge Eater

Enough of Warmind Cells, lets take a look at our Stasis grenade. I wanted to pair these two mods together because we are using them to play along side each other. Thermal Overload is a mod that causes your Solar or Stasis grenade to apply disruption to any champions that have Overload. Near the top of this post we said that legendary lost sectors have Overload champions, applying disruption to these champions puts them into a stun, dramatically increasing the damage dealt to them.

Surge Eater works along side Thermal Overload in that every single time your grenade causes disruption, you get your grenade back instantly! So you can keep on throwing your grenade out as many times as you like until you have taken down that champions health to zero.


This is all you need to know regarding your loadout to take on a legendary lost sector. Everything here is exactly what I used when I was light level 1227. The video at the top of this post will show you exactly how all these mods come into play, what corners to use for cover, and how to properly use your exotic grenade launcher Anarchy to deal damage, whilst taking none at all!

Comment down below how well this build worked for you and share this blog with your friends, it can help them too!

Good luck, Guardian.

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