Destiny 2: Beyond Light gameplay review – Should you play it?

What is Destiny 2?

I feel like it is more than appropriate to ask this question first. If you are interesting in playing a game, chances are you are going to want more information about it, the most appropriate questing being; “What is Destiny 2?”. Destiny 2 is a massive online multiplayer first person looter shooter – a lot of words there to take in.

Destiny is a huge universe that has many storylines tied into it. Stories that aren’t small by any means and play a huge part in-terms of gameplay. A story that happened two expansions ago could tie into the current season now (in fact, it is). Now that we have scratched a little off the surface of what Destiny 2 is in-terms of its style and genre, lets dig deeper!

What does Destiny have to offer?

Destiny has gone through many phases over the 4 years of it going live to the public. What once was a Bungie/Activision partnership is now just a stand-alone Bungie game. Bungie both develop and publish Destiny and have done ever since the launch of Forsaken in 2018. Because of this decision, Bungie have had some huge loss in financial backing meaning that content had to be brought to players in a different way.

That is when Bungie announced the season pass model. The season pass is new content every 3 months, meaning at the end of every third month there will be new weapons, continued story, new activities and exotics and a new reason to play.

Incorporating the season pass into Destiny 2 I believe is a fantastic idea because it keeps players excited for what it next whilst still playing the new content they have just been given. The season pass also offers a ranking system, like Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Every time you rank up a season, you unlock a reward. The top half is free for all players, the bottom half is for players who paid, that being said, the free for all players half is stilled packed full of goodies including exotics!

It goes without saying that looter shooters require a lot of time and this definitely doesn’t change for Destiny 2. The typical grind that you find yourself doing in games isn’t completely like Destiny 2 in a sense though. Destiny 2’s exotic loot is worth all the grind in itself.

When you put in all that hard work trying to get that one exotic that you so desperately want your hands on, you get to the end of your mission, there is a small chance of it dropping then bam! The most satisfying noise you will ever hear in a video game presents itself to your ears indicating that an exotic has just appeared on your screen. The feeling of your hard work being paid off is something that isn’t describable.

Destiny does a really fantastic job at making exotics feel original and unique as much as they can. Every sound is different, every perk it comes with is different and never repeated. You know exactly what gun someone is using just from the sound of it, without even looking. These golden coated rewards is on everyone’s mind with every new season or fall expansion.

Beyond Light

Beyond Light is the latest edition to Destiny 2’s expansions with its release on November 10th, 2020 and it brought players a huge heap of content to swim in, with more content being added each week so far! The story continues the ever anticipated story of the Darkness, which has been a long time enemy of the Light since Destiny 1 started just over ten years ago.

Beyond Light brings a new way of how to obtain exotics which are acquired through Legendary Lost Sectors. Here on MGN TV, we have an entire post on legendary lost sectors and how best to tackle them so that you can get your exotic rewards!

Super powers are nice, everyone loves and dreams of having their favourite super power at some point in their lives. Destiny 2 has you covered! Your guardian can wield the power of three elements from the Light; Void, Arc and Solar. The fun doesn’t stop there.

Beyond Light also brings players a new super to place with, this being a gift from the darkness themselves. The power of Stasis! Cosmic ice! This is the first time players have had an entirely new super ever since Destiny 1 launched. Stasis is incredibly fun and completely changes the way players play in the world of Destiny in both PvE and PvP.


PvP is an entirely different area of Destiny and brings it’s challenges in various ways. If you’re looking for a chill experience then control is where you want to be. This is a 6v6 player game mode which requires you to capture points, the more points you have captured, the more kills increase your score!

There is also Survival mode which is classed as Destiny 2’s comp area (competitive). This is where skilled players go to get better and improve, knowing they will be up against some real challengers! Survival is a 3v3 game mode and every kill counts, I personally don’t recommend jumping in to competitive play unless you have your group in a call to communicate.


Where would Destiny 2 be right now without it’s famous raids! Raids are what gives Destiny’s PvE players the real challenge. Raids consist of a team of 6 players who all enter a room together which consists of enemies firing at you, with really tough puzzles to solve. Emphasis on the “really tough” part.

I love playing in raids, every member of your team has a specific role to play, no one can mess up otherwise it all falls apart. This really encourages teamwork and communication which in my opinion is fantastic.

Once you have completed the first room, it’s onto the next one with an entirely new puzzle to solve and even more enemies (or bosses) to shoot down. Some raids are longer than others, but all raids have one thing in common. Exotics!

Each raid in Destiny 2 has its own unique exotic that is tied specifically to that raid and that raid only. Completely a raid with your team of friends, knowing the final boss is down and watching your new raid exotic pop up on your screen is the most game-changing feeling you will ever experience in Destiny.


There is so much more I can talk about when it comes to Destiny 2, however I don’t want to spoil the fun and give everything away. That is for you to go in and find out for yourselves! Destiny is a game that I have played for 10 years.

I have always been a PC gamer however purchased a console just to play Destiny 1 because it wasn’t available for PC way back when Destiny 2 wasn’t even in peoples minds. As soon as Destiny 2’s beta hit PC I was there…and I haven’t left since. It’s my most favourite game of all time and I have met some amazing people from it, I hope that you experience the same thing that I have if you choose to jump into this incredible universe.

So, now that you have read this blog, and now that gives you a much better understanding of what Destiny 2 is, and what it has to offer you as a potential player. Allow me to ask you this; Should you play Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below of this blog!

I hope to see you in the field, Guardian!

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