Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Deep Stone Crypt – Complete Raid Guide

Welcome to the Crypt!

The Deep Stone Crypt is something that fans of Destiny have been excited about since the initial announcement. For long-term Destiny players that are heavily involved with its lore, the Crypt and its history isn’t anything new.

Every Exo has a number next to its name; Cayde-6, Banshee-44, Saint-14, Ada-1, the list goes on. An Exo is a humanoid-like robot that is created from humans uploading their consciousness into the mainframe. An Exo frame has to feel exactly like a human body would, otherwise, the human consciousness will reject the transfer.

This all took place in the Deep Stone Crypt. This is where Exo’s are made. The lore behind the Deep Stone Crypt and Exo’s run much deeper than just this short introduction, however, this gives you as the reader a better understanding around what type of raid facility we are heading into

How to complete the Crypt


This is where the fun beings. Grab your fireteam of 6, and head into the raid. After loading in, you and your fireteam will be on Europa on top of a large catwalk-like building. Continue on forward into the broken building in front of you. Inside you will be met by a group of Fallen, this also includes two Fallen captains who both have arc shields.

Once the Fallen have been cleared out, there will be a door that opens at the back of the room. The area that this door presents to you is a very linear passage so hop into your sparrow and enjoy the scenery! At the end of the passage, there will be a small room that all players need to stand inside. When all players are gathered into this room, the door on the other side will open.

This new area is a huge open space icy tundra that introduces a new mechanic for players. This mechanic is known as Frostbite. If you stay outside in the cold for two long, you will get a Frostbite de-buff appear on the left side of your screen. This de-buff can raise as high as x9 before you die, so make sure you find little heat spots to warm up!

The idea of this area is to make it to the other side without freezing to death. Finding heat pads in areas for you to warmup by, and then continuing your venture towards the end. For players that are struggling with the Frostbite mechanic, there is a bug in the game right now that makes this entire experience so much easier!

If you spawn your sparrow directly outside one of the heat pads, then stand inside the heat pad, wait for your Frostbite de-buff to go, and then get onto your sparrow. Getting onto your sparrow that is just outside the pad whilst you are still standing in the pad will make the game think that you are still in the warmth! Meaning that you are free to do whatever you want without the fear of Frostbite! (thank me later)

When you and your fireteam have reached the end, you’re all going to be asked to stand inside a small little room again. Like the first, all players must be stood in this room in order for the doors to open. This leads you to your first official raid encounter.

The mechanic plays a consistent role throughout the entire raid is the different roles that you as a fireteam would need to assign to each other. There are three roles all together which are the scanner (yellow symbol), operator (red symbol), and suppresser (blue symbol). The first encounter only makes use of two of these which are scanner and operator.

First Encounter

Upon entering the first encounter, you’re going to see two sides to the room you are in. Both a light side (which is the side you’re on when entering the encounter) and a dark side. In my team, we split up into two groups of three. Three on each side. For me, I was on the dark side.


You will also notice that that on both sides of the room there are 5 pillars sticking out a glass floor. This allows players to see underneath the pillars into the room below. The room below is home to ‘iPad looking’ tablets, five on each side. I and my team named these tablets from 1 – 5 for both sides. For example, the Light side tablets were named ‘L1, L2, L3’ etc.

On the right is a screenshot reference as to what it looks like through the glass floor at the tablets. It’s vital that whoever has the role of scanner for both the light and dark side knows where to look when peering through the glass floor as you will have to locate these tablets pretty quickly for when the person who has the role of operator knows where to shoot.

Operator Role

When walking into the first encounter you will notice a machine terminal in the background with a yellow glow inside of it. This terminal; is on both the light side and the dark side. Just behind this yellow glow is the red symbol that represents the operator’s role. Going over to this terminal and taking the operator role will start the encounter. The person in your team who has the operator role is also the same person who is going into the room underneath as they are eligible to open doors with this role.

Of course like in typical Destiny fashion there will be hordes of enemies coming at you whilst you and your team are trying to get all of this done. Once everything is decided in regards to who is having what task, you are ready to start this encounter. My role was the scanner.

Once someone has the operator role and heads down into the room underneath, head on over to either the light side or the dark side. In my case, I was on the dark side. The dark side of the room is also where the Fallen scanner vandal will spawn.

Scanner Role

Just like in the picture that is previewed on the right, this is what the scanner vandal looks like. A yellow symbol will appear above its head. Killing the vandal will drop the yellow symbol onto the floor ready for your scanner assigned player to go and pick up.

Remember that you need to assign two people the scanner role. One for dark and one for light. Whoever is on the dark side will get the scanner role first but eventually, we will need to pass this role over to the light side. The same machine terminal that the operator went to in order to start the encounter is the same terminal that the scanner will go to in order to transfer the role of the scanner onto the light side.

After picking up the scanner role, search around each pillar that has glass underneath it and locate which tablets are glowing yellow. Only the scanner is able to see this. As said previously, there are five tablets on either side, however, only two will shine yellow on each side. Find your two tablets, call them out so that the operator knows which two to shoot, and then head on over to the transfer terminal to give your player on the light side the scanner role.

Once the player on the opposite side has the role of the scanner, they will then do the exact same thing as you whereby they look for the glowing yellow tablets and then call out to the operator which ones to shoot. Make sure you call out the correct tablet because if the wrong one is shot, you and your team will wipe (everyone dies). When every tablet has been shot, the damage phase begins!

The operator will proceed back to the doors he walked through to get underneath, there he will see six small cylinders. Three on the left, three on the right. This indicates the three large cylinder machines that are both on the light side and on the dark side.

Light-side Cylinders

The image on the right hand side shows the three light cylinders, they look the exact same on the dark side also. The operator will call out which cylinders are glowing, it’s then up to the players above to shoot the correct ones as a team. If the operator calls out, “Light Right” then all players will have to shoot the right cylinder on the light side. If the operator calls out, “dark middle” then all players will head to the dark side and shoot the middle cylinder.

Make sure you all shoot the correct one as shooting the incorrect cylinder will wipe your entire team. And you don’t want to be that person. If you and your team is fast enough and do enough damage, you should be able to one phase this encounter.

If not then it will be a two-phase which means that the operator will have to transfer his operator role to someone on the top side for someone to get him out due to the player who has the operator role is the only player who can open doors. Once your player who was once underneath is now top side, you will need to repeat these steps again until all cylinders have been destroyed.

Destroying all cylinders completes the first encounter. Head on over to the dark side where a chest awaits you to claim that precious loot! There will also be a door will open up for you to continue on!

Second Encounter

The second encounter is where things really spice up! Again, split into two teams of three as there will be a top and bottom section for this encounter also. Who ever is top side gets to go to space! Don’t worry, eventually everyone will go to space.

After explaining the first encounter, the second encounter is much easier. By this point you and your team will all have understood the mechanics of both the operator role and the scanner role, including how to pass both roles between each other. It is going to be the same situation in the second encounter also!

Who ever in your team is taking the role of operator, they will need to go top side. At the far back of the room you will notice elevators, these elevators is what will take you up to space. There is also a purple glowing orb too, going near this is how you start the second encounter.

Atraks-1 is going to be your boss fight, however finding Atraks-1 may prove difficult. This is where the scanner comes into play. After the encounter has started, get into your teams of three and head to positions. In my case I was top side so I will be heading into space. The elevators will come down and open up, ready for you to climb inside. The animation of you climbing inside makes you immune to damage so don’t worry about taking hits!

After shooting up into space, enemies will be flooding everywhere. This includes the Fallen vandal that has the yellow scanner symbol above its head. The scanner in this encounter will be the one telling players which is the correct Atraks-1 to attack as the correct one will glow yellow just like the tablets did in encounter one.

There will be multiple copies of Atraks-1 so as soon as you see the correct Atraks-1 glowing yellow, call that out to the other two members of your team so that all three of you top side can run on over and attack the correct one. Using a sword is perfect for this as it maximises the amount of damage you can do, the Lament sword especially. If you don’t have the Lament and would like to get it, be sure to check out our guide on the MGN Destiny 2 YouTube channel or check out our written guide here on the Destiny 2 MGN blog!

After attacking the correct Atraks-1, the scanner must then transfer the scanner role through the transfer terminal for the team on the bottom side to do the exact same thing. Make sure your scanner on bottom side is ready to receive the scanner role as there will be a short window for them to get to their Atraks-1.

You will notice after you have attacked that there will be a purple glowing ball that drops onto the floor, the exact same purple glow that you walk near to start this encounter. This is where the operator comes in. Someone on your team (not the operator) will need to pick this purple glowing ball up which creates a 30 second timer to appear on the left side of your screen. The plan is to dispose of this purple glow like trash!

On either side of the room there will be pods that have tablets on them. The player that has the purple trash above their head must head on over to one of these rooms with the operator. Just like in the first room, the operator is the only role who can open doors, therefore once the operator has shot the tablet, the doors will open.

The player that has the purple trash needs to run inside this room that acts exactly like an airlock. Get the player to stand still inside there as the operator needs to shoot the purple trash off you so that it gets sucked out into space. Once it’s off, the player needs to leave the room before the doors close. You can only use the same room once!

Once the scanner has located the correct Atraks-1 on the bottom side, they must transfer the scanner role back to top side for them to find their next correct Atraks-1 also! If someone picks up the purple trash on bottom side, they must come into space for the operator to shoot theirs off also.

And that is all this encounter is, rinse and repeat this process until Atraks-1’s health bar reaches zero! The chest will spawn on top side as well as the door that opens to proceed to the next encounter.

Third Encounter

This encounter is the most beautiful area we have ever had in Destiny history. This is also going to be the shortest expansion of an encounter due to it being a jumping section. There are no puzzles to solve nor is there any roles to worry about in this area. Just you and your team jumping from platform to platform in a linear fashion.

But what makes this area so beautiful? As you and your team are jumping through space, the game plays the softest, piano-like music in the background whilst having the most stunning view of Europa.

Once you and your fireteam have reached the end of your space hopping adventures, you will be greeted by a giant Rig which is going to try and kill you. Killing this Rig will open the door to the fourth encounter!

Fourth Encounter

This is the encounter that becomes most hectic. It would be a bad idea to stop moving in this one as there are going to a lot of enemies. Enthesis on the words “a lot”. This is also the encounter that introduces the mechanics of the suppressor role that I mentioned at the start of this blog. So without further ado, let’s get started!

So in this room, you are going to see Taniks, however, you won’t be able to kill him. The easiest way to explain this encounter is to show you exactly what things look like and explain to you how the new suppressor role works, but let’s start with the scanner.


In front of Taniks there are going to be four chests. Two on the left and two on the right. The image on the right shows you what a chest looks like. Two chests are going to glow yellow which will indicate to the scanner which chests their team will need to bank at.

As soon as the chests glow, communicate that with your team. As an example, the top right and the bottom left chests could be the ones to glow, therefore your team needs to be made aware of this, This is all the scanner needs to do whilst shooting enemies.

Now lets move onto the operator.

As the operator, it is your job to shoot the panels which are located on both the right side, left side, and two in the middle. This panel looks exactly like the panel that the operator shoots when entering the bottom floor in the first encounter. Shooting these panels will allow players to grab the bomb that spawns in. Two bombs will spawn at a time which need to be banked into the correct chests. Again, it is the scanners job to say which two chests are glowing.

Suppressor time!

The suppressor is the new role that gets introduced in this encounter, and is actually quite a simple one! Around the encounter you will notice three floating, metal balls. One on the left, middle and right. Taniks is going to be moving around a lot, shooting players whilst they are fulfilling their individual tasks.

When players are about to bank their bombs, it is the suppressors’ role to make sure Tankis is suppressed. To do this, the suppressor will stand underneath one of these floating balls and shoot it, shooting it will allow the player to shoot Taniks right after, which will suppress her. Suppressing Taniks places her into a stunned state, allowing it easier for players to bank the bombs into the correct chests.

So now that we have the different roles down and what job each of these have in the encounter, the rest of it is fairly basic to explain. Taniks will occasionally shoot out a burst of energy which means someone with a role may have to transfer it into the transfer machine for someone else who doesn’t have a role to pick up. There will also be overload champions throughout this encounter, so definitely make sure you have at least three people in your team with an overload mod equipped.

And that is pretty much it! As the scanner, call out the chests. As the operator, shoot the panels. As the players, bank the bombs and as the suppressor, suppress Taniks! You have to do this a total of six times. Once you have completed six full waves, the encounter has completed!

In the center of the room, you will notice a door open. You and your team have to jump down which leads you to a long, long corridor. Run for your lives! For real, run! Taniks will be chasing you down this long corridor and it is your job to make it to the end. There will be enemies firing at you, don’t stop and shoot. Keep running!

Once you make it to the end, the door will close behind you and you’re safe. For now. Depositing those bombs in the encounter has caused the space station to fall into Europa. Once the space station has crashed, your screen will go black until your Ghost turns it’s torch on. As soon as you can see in front of you with the help of your Ghost, the encounter chest will be on your left hand side. Grab your loot and lets proceed to the final encounter!

Final Encounter

This encounter seems intimidating at first but very quickly becomes easy to understand. There really isn’t much too it. For this explanation we are going to be using what’s called “the four bomb” technique. Taniks isn’t done with you yet, and he can now fly on a destroyed, modified shank!

To start this encounter simply walk over to Taniks or just shoot at him. The method of this explanation means that you wont need the scanner however pick the role up anyway due to Taniks’ energy blast he can let out which just like the fourth encounter, disables your role.

Disabling the scanner in this encounter doesn’t matter, so it’s there as bait to free up the other roles. As Taniks is flying around shooting at you, of course there are going to be enemies also. Shoot off the enemies until Taniks flies over to a corner of the map. Now, think of a triangle. A triangle has three sides to it, and in this case, each side has two chests. So that’s six chests all together.

I and the team numbered these chests to make it easier to communicate. Where we spawn in has chests 1 and 2, the side next to that has chests 3 and 4, and the side after that has 5 and 6. Clockwise order. When Taniks flies over to a side of this imaginary triangle, his four thrusters is going to start glowing. All members of your team need to be shooting these thrusters.

After you destroy a thruster, a bomb will drop from it. Due to there being four thrusters, you should have four bombs dropped. If you are not the operator or the suppressor, pick up one of these bombs. With these bombs, as quickly as you can, bank them in a chest. Remember, there are two chests on each side. The chests you are looking to bank at are the chests that Taniks ISN’T at. For example. If Taniks is at the side that has chests 3 and 4, then you and your team can only bank at chests 1, 2, 5 and 6.

This is where the suppressor comes in. Your team will not be allowed to bank their bombs in their chests if you haven’t suppressed Taniks. Just like in the fourth encounter, you will need to stand underneath one of the floating metal balls, shoot it, and then shoot Taniks to put him into a stunned state. Doing this will unlock the chests for players who are dunking bombs.

Time for you to step in now, operator! As your team is trying their best to avoid enemies and run to their chests, they could be stunned in a giant purple ball. They will be frozen and unable to move. It is your job as the operator to shoot at anyone who get’s stunned in this state. Once shooting the giant purple cage that your fireteam is stuck in, they will then be able to proceed in getting their bombs to their chests.

Once all bombs have been banked, the damage phase kicks in. Taniks will hover over to the center of the arena and cause broken rubble and rock to fly all around him. As a fireteam, just into this circular area around Taniks and start pounding your bullets into him. Don’t get too close or you will tank damage from his electricity. For this stage, I would recommend having a Warlock run Well of Radiance. Also have someone in your team using Divinity so you and your bullets will always be critical damage.

If you have a Titan on your team, get that player to use the Titan bubble (top tree void) as the weapons of light is well needed for this final stage. If you have enough damage, you could one phase this damage stage. If not then it is more than likely going to be a two-phase. If it is a two-phase then simply just repeat the process above until Taniks is at his final stage.

Once you get Tankis’ health to a low enough state, his final stage kicks in. This means that Taniks will frantically start teleporting and flying around the area, holding on to that last drop of health that he has left. Your team really need to start sinking in them bullets because if you don’t kill Taniks at this stage, you wipe. However, if you kill Taniks, congratulations! You have just completed the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The final chest will spawn at the top of a small catwalk, and this is also your 5% chance of getting the new raid exotic rocket launcher, Eyes of Tomorrow. I really hope this guide helps you, and please leave a comment on this blog to let us know how you got on!

Good luck raiding, Guardian.

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