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What are Clan Battles?

My time on Destiny over these past four years has definitely come with its benefits, one of these benefits being my increase in skill level when it comes to a player vs player situation. Whether it’s casual or competitive, I am usually on top of my game.

So for the past week, I have set myself a challenge. My own personal goal. This goal requires me to 1v1 every active member of my Destiny clan. Everyone in this clan have their own skill level, posing a challenge for myself to really adapt and change my playstyle in order to counter the many different play styles.


First on the list was my good friend, Harry. I met Harry at the very beginning of Destiny 2’s launch. The launch of Destiny 2 also introduced to players a competitive game mode known as Trials of the Nine. For anyone that knows me personally, they will know that Trials of the Nine was my baby. That was the game mode that I was known for. Harry was a member of our team during the trials so playing in a competitive format is not a new environment for him.

Because of Harry’s common knowledge when it comes to competitive play, I really had to focus on his movements. When you are in a 1v1 situation, after the first 3 – 5 kills you really start to understand the playstyle of your opponent. This means that, very quickly, I can learn and adapt in order to counter.


After Harry came along Ben. Now Ben was someone who I definitely had to approach differently. Destiny 2 was Ben’s baby and he wanted to be a good as possible in a player vs player environment. He wanted people to see his name and see him as someone they don’t want to go up against.

What also made Ben a tough opponent to go up against was the fact that he could use any gun in the game and be good with it. So on the fly he was able to switch things out which made it difficult to learn his playstyle as every gun plays differently. More often than not, Ben is able to land every shot he shoots so 1v1’ing him definitely got the heart pumping and the nerves flowing.


Following on shortly after was good old Ewan. For those who watch my YouTube videos that have Ewan in them, you’ll know that Ewan is his own breed. He is more of a PvE (player vs environment) player than he is a PvP player. Having said that, he pulled off some pretty good shots that I didn’t see coming, I was impressed with how far Ewan has come in Destiny, and his skills in PvP are definitely improving.


Next was my cousin, Luke. Luke has been around since the very beginning, dating back to the Destiny 1 days. This game and how it works is nothing new for him. Like Ben, Luke loves to switch things up on the fly however Luke’s playstyle doesn’t change. As much as he likes to switch in and out of his arsenal, his movement is always the same making each step very predictable. By this point, I have already understood the appropriate counter.


Matthew is the latest edition to the challenge that is me 1v1’ing everyone in the clan. Matthew is like me in the sense that he has his one gun that he is known for across the entire clan, and for Matthew, this gun goes by the name of Malfeasance. Malfeasance is a very strong gun, stability being almost perfect. What makes Malfeasance special, is it does rapid burst damage with every 5 shots you hit and in PvP, that’s an instant kill.

With this knowledge, I really had to be carful when playing against Matthew. If he ever got that 5th shot off, I was in some big trouble. Matthew plays Warlock, mostly on the arc subclass. So with the power of electricity, married with his notorious Malfeasance, it really made the challenge levels rise up. Matthew’s playstyle is very slow paced, he likes to setup his kill before going into an execution. Check out the video at the top of this blog post to see how this 1v1 went, and be sure to check out the other 1v1’s on my YouTube channel.

Closing thoughts

I love setting myself a challenge, and I love pushing myself that extra mile especially when it involves something I love doing. My clan mates are really good friends of mine and I appreciate all of them for giving me their time to pull off such a challenge.

Though my opponents have brought their own level of difficulty to the table, the real master challenge still awaits. For there is another clan member who I have yet to come to blows with. Max. Max is an absolute PvP god. His movement is quick, his sniper shots are extremely accurate, his gun play is always on point and he is always able to adapt to any given situation regardless of what he is up against.

Max, I’m coming for you.

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