All Entropic Shard locations guide

Find and destroy nine entropic shards scattered throughout the new Europa destination as a necessary step to completing the Studying Darkness Triumph and the Born in the Darkness questlines. To destroy the shards, you need to unlock the Exotic weapon: Salvations Grip.

Asterion Lost sector

(“0:48” is 48 seconds in the video above)

0:48 – To start your search head for the Concealed Void lost sector in the Asterion Abyss. You’re going to have to fight your way through the lost sector to the boss room at the end. Go to the centre of the boss room and look up. You will see a large well lit recess above you as well as the crystal hovering in mid-air.

Asterion Patrol

1:23 – For the next shard come out of the lost sector and turn left. Head back up towards the vex structure above the lost sector area and the shard will be located on a platform there.

Cadmus Patrol

1:53 – Next, head to the Cadmus Ridge area and make your way towards the entrance to Braytech. At the entrance turn right along the ice wall and the shard will be out in the open a few metres away from the cliff.


2:22 – For the fourth entropic shard head into the Braytech facility, you should be outside of if you’ve been following the same order as the video. Follow the path until you reach Bray Exoscience. This is the large gleaming white room. From the door head right and up the stairs to the smaller rooms there. In the second room take the door on the right and follow the path until you get to the extremely large area with flying transport machines. You’ll have to jump down to the first platform with the circular broken glass port in the middle of the floor. Go to the edge of this platform on the left-hand side and the shard will be a small distance down and away from the platform in mid-air.

Eventide Patrol

3:52 – Now head to the Eventide location ideally coming from the Asterion Abys route. If you come from that area head a small way into Eventide and you will see two paths ahead one to the left towards the lost sector and one that leads steeply up to the right. Head directly to the wall between the paths and you will see the shard above you behind some exposed metal girders.

Eventide Lost Sector

4:09 – For the sixth entropic shard make your way into E15 Bunker lost sector in Eventide. Fight your way through the first three rooms and in the fourth room jump onto the platform right in front of you then turn around 180 degrees and the shard will be located in a recess in the top right hand corner of the room.

Riis Reborn Elevator

5:23 – Head to the Riis Reborn Approach at the top of the Eventide area. Take the elevator and follow the path until you get to a room with stairs leading to a door on the left and a flat pathway to a door on the right. Take the door on the right and head up the stairs. Take the elevator to your right and at the top of the elevator will be a staircase. Run around to the left of the staircase until you are behind it and you will see the shard underneath the stairs.

Kells Rising

7:24 – Next, follow the staircase where you found the previous shard up into the room above and enter the teleporter at the far end of the room. The room you find yourself in has a path left and right but they both end up in the same place so follow either. Now you’ll be in a corridor that leads off to the left and there will be a doorway right in front of you. Make sure to remember this area because you’ll have to come back later to take the left path. Go through the door and follow the path until you get to a large area with a large pit in the middle taking up most of the area and a pathway leading left and right. Head right until you reach a tower with raised platforms all around the outside then jump up and follow them around to get to the next area. Go to the end of this area and you will find another tower on the left with raised platforms. Follow them around and you will reach a pair of pipes leading that you will need to cross over a pit. When you reach the other side head right and jump up onto the building there. There will be a set of stairs in front of you. Look under the stairs and you will have found another shard.


10:49 – For the final shard go back to the earlier junction where you went right and go to the left path this time. Follow it and it will bring you outside where you will have to cross a set of pipes to a sheltered platform. Cross the platform and follow another set of pipes down to a doorway. Go through and go right in the next room and down into a lower area until you reach a door that will take you outside briefly and onto some tracks leading into a circular entrance. Head inside and jump up into the next area. Next follow the tracks on the right hand side until you reach a raised platform. Get on to that platform and there will be a door directly in front of you. Go through the door and follow that path to the next doorway which will bring you into the final room. At the entrance to the room look up to top of the pillar on your right and the last shard will be floating in front of it.

Now you should have all of the Entropic shards and you’ll be well on your way to mastering stasis.

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